I must admit that the Gab vs Mastodon drama may still give me another two weeks of entertainment. As I am really shocked by the level of hysteria it caused on many Mastodon Devs and users. Some now are even quitting mastodon. Which is pretty much declaring defeat whether they are aware of this or not...

@AvatarX What is their mastodon instance address? Nobody seems to know that, and I'm curious as to why.

@TallTim what do you mean what is their instance? of who?

@AvatarX gabs server address. Of all the things I've read, no one references it directly. Just strange to me.

@TallTim if you mean from where the instance is based? and then they also got a few ones with other domains for live testing. And one for development.

@AvatarX Right, but no one mentions the addresses. Odd, don't you think?

@TallTim Yes. They do never mention the actual address.

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