Kind of funny to see gab forking mastodon and then seeing mastodon devs getting all mad about it. With many on a campaign to block gab. I find it hilarious.

@AvatarX If you don't want nazis to use your software, then don't do FOSS 😀

@Sosthene Considering that Gab is pretty much just like Twitter used to be previous to 2015. I find that whole "everyone who I don't agree with is a nazi" kind of thinking to be extremely dumb, intellectually deranged and counter productive. Specially since because of size you can still find 100x more offensive people in Twitter than on Gab.

@AvatarX yeah I agree, but my point was that it's anyway futile to make some FOSS and then try to prevent some people not to use it, especially based on such vague criteria as "being a nazi" 🙂

@AvatarX Isn't open source code forked all the time? What's their complaint anyway, that they don't agree with the people running it?

@TallTim Yeah. They are truly insane in believing that 1.- All 1 million users on gab are nazis or fascists + 2.- Andrew Torba being seen as a really dangerous man because he believes in Free Speech that is willing to use Open Source Software to enable it. Those points seem to be the most common. Also it is a way to be able to be on App Stores. Unless Apple and Google specifically issue a clear dev rule against gab or ban and take down any app using Activitypub.

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