So, 3000 people registered to BitcoinHackers but only 300 use it? Sounds accurate. I am also guilty of not using it more.

@AvatarX The initial rush was twitter users, but they reneged and prefer to be monetized by Jack Dorsey.
I'm sticking with it, its an informal oasis in the corner of the internet. Thats fine by me.

@TallTim Problem is how Mastodon works. In a sense it is like only being active within a Minds/Mewe/Gab group. U have an account that lets you post to all of the network. But the visibility is only for what you post in such group. Right now surprisingly MeWe got twice the registrations of Mastodon. Minds is around the same as mastodon supposedly. And I would not be surprised if gab eventually also caught up to Mastodon too thanks to it also running Dissenter. Mastodon = Same problem as Diaspora.

@AvatarX I don't get why you can't have something that relays to other instances so you don't have to shard your identity on different servers.
But I didn't develop it, so I don't know why those choices were made.

@TallTim Yeah, it is what it is. That is why on the long term. The first alternative network to reach 10M users which is what I consider is the minimum of user adoption a company has to get for a chance to go mainstream now will not be Mastodon. And even in the case Mastodon were to reach that mark. Because of how it works, It will not enjoy the same promotion and network effects any of the other companies can get.

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