Kind of funny to see gab forking mastodon and then seeing mastodon devs getting all mad about it. With many on a campaign to block gab. I find it hilarious.

So, 3000 people registered to BitcoinHackers but only 300 use it? Sounds accurate. I am also guilty of not using it more.

Well, The Minds Bitcoin Group just jumped 75 new members in a day. That's nice. Now third biggest and most active Bitcoin Focused group. And I do think I can make it number 1 within its first year. So, if anyone here is on minds. Check it out.

Umm, Mastodon has hit 2M users? I guess it is indeed getting somewhere.

Bitcoin Transactions via Ham Radio? Neat to see it becoming a thing now. It was one of the many things people mulled over about doing back in 2012. Another one was dial-up. Which back then did worked. Now? It probably would only work with a heavily pruned listening-only node.

Heh, as a test I generated a LN payment request for 25 cents from and paid via the cash out function in from a tip I received.

All done in 15 seconds by C&P'ing from a tab to another while in browser.

Neat stuff.

If anyone is willing to support alternative bitcoin discussion spaces. Please donate. You can do it on chain or via LN.

I have added LN support to my campaign. I mean, why not?

Trying out the new focused fundraising site called tallycoin. It is pretty cool. It even supports LN and PaymentNyms

Have been asked for years to expand beyond Facebook and Google+ when it comes to focused discussion sites. So, I am opening a forum and other groups. 1st thing to show? The Minds Bitcoin Group. So, join if you have an account.

100,000 is now the total membership sum of The Google+ Bitcoin Community (62,000+) and The Facebook Bitcoin Group (38,000+)


All while seeing well over 125,000 registrations so far. At the same time both have remained free of spam, new user friendly and actually Bitcoin focused.

/r/bitcoin has reached 1,000,000 subscribers. And it is no doubt well deserved. I am glad to have been the second most active mod in it on 2017 when it was most needed. But no doubt that BashCo is the MVP. Has been for a long time.

End result would be you could have sites just like now that can be moderated and curated when offered from a host. That at the same time exist without any safeguards but that in order to be accessed that way you need to run your profile & the platform yourself as a P2P app.

Maybe I should dedicate to that. It would not matter if it takes me a whole year to put an alpha of that together. It would be interesting to try. The tech is already out. It is a matter of put it together cohesively. 3/3

A fully featured and decentralized scalable web that can be accessed and operated from hosts or/and be directly run by users. In basic comparation kind of like what the original Blogger did originally when it was just a Pyra Labs product but brought to current times. 2/3

I would like for there to be something that was a perfect mix of Twister with ZeroNet. I think that would be the solution to assure internet based free speech while also making strong moderation and curation to be possible when it comes to managed and hosted app-sites. 1/3

THE Google+ Bitcoin Community now has 61,000+ members. And has now seen around 75,000 registrations.

All of this while remaining new user friendly, free of spam and scams since 2012.

How is this instance of mastodon doing so far? Any recent numbers?

Don't celebrate the death of bcash prematurely. It needs to fall to at least 1/25 to die. 1/30 for it to be a sure thing. Just saying.

Mastodon Social Official Numbers:

1,554,895 accounts
+49 in the last hour
+1,569 in the last day
+13,656 in the last week

Which I find quite impressive I must say. What is sad is that there are a lot of Mastodon Instances with way more strict guidelines than Twitter. On the other hand, you can always just run your own instance. So, there is that.

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