work doesn't get any easier than this!

I got a call about this a few days ago, went by today to inspect since the weather was complete shit for just about every other kind of work that I do.

This is workers, soldiers, and alates (winged reproductives) just marching around in the open. I definitely do not see this every day (or, ever...)!

This will be a "wham, bam, thank you ma'am!" 5x on the money I'm investing in materials for the job. I'll be done before lunch.

This was the extent of the colony's presence in the crawlspace, just this pathetic mud tube, which came up over the sill plate in context with the major incursion entering the house via the seam between what was the original garage floor (converted to a family room) and the foundation of the house.

I've got them dialed in, I know right where the colony is situated. They're so fucked.

I'll drill the slab, inject into the soil beneath, patch the holes and get paid. Piece of cake. 😎

Quote accepted! Going to have that 5x in my pocket before the billing cycle of the card I'm charging the materials on even closes. 😎

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