Here they go again, still attempting to gin up the mob against asset-backed lending in order to avoid .

From the article: ‘Need , you get screwed, don’t need debt you can use it as a tool to screw the government and everybody else.’

Now borrowing on your assets instead of cashing them out is "screwing everyone else".

Will the morons that bite on this red meat ever figure out that they're being tricked into burning yet another rung on the ladder they hope to climb?

This is stuff that everyday people now have access to. Perhaps that is the real reason that there's suddenly this interest in shutting down the method? You can start doing this with $5k of equity on a platform like M1 Finance, far less on crypto platforms like Nexo and BlockFi.

people need to stop barking at people like trained dogs and start asking questions like: "Why aren't teaching me how to do what the rich are doing, now that the tools are within my reach?"

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