At breakfast this morning, my mom asked me to take a test.

She couched it in terms of being afraid of again going through what she did when my father died 26 years ago. She's afraid of losing me.

She seems to think that is like AIDS or something: you can have it, not know, then suddenly succumb.

...she said this right after I told her that I was going pheasant hunting in an area with mountain lions and that I was going to carry my 4" .357 Mag with JHP rounds, just in case.


Three more for the pot after a full day of today!

Also, this is the second time that I've blown a bird's head clean off with a point-blank shotgun blast. I thought the last time was a fluke. 🤣

Infinite for those with engineered .

Possibly the biggest "told you so" of all time...

I just left a packed bar full of full-facial nudists drinking beers and enjoying themselves.

How it should be.

These meme are really hitting the mark.


Huh huh... shot.

Well shit, I should have just entered a buy market at the open order on and gone back to bed. 🤣

Limit buy order placed @ 12.63, have to walk away from my computer for a bit.

The potential here is actually yuge. Just think of the tens of millions of Trump voters, plus others, who feel abused by libtard social media platforms.

Then add in all of said libtards that just can't help themselves and pursue their opponents into their spaces to harass them.

It will be an eyes on screen, clicking, liking, sharing, outrage addiction frenzy.

Advertisers will take notice...

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Does anyone else think it's not coincidence that the ticker symbol is pronounced "D Whack"? 🤣 👌

planning merger with Media jumps in premarket trade

The fee to convert to via payment to one of my wallets is at 2%.

As much as I'd like to buy the current mini dip, I'm spoiled by .004% fees and just can't bring myself to do it. Have to wait until everyone calms down. 🤣

RT @Wealth_Theory
You may accumulate more than I have, but you cannot dilute my stack as a percentage of total supply.

My future is secure. What a revolutionary concept.

RT @heavilyarmedc
Suggestion: Add BTCUSD to the dollar index.

This would more accurately reflect the dollars relative strength.

at a new all-time high.

Has anyone checked in on to see if he's ok?

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