Having dinner here at the in this evening.

Robert Kiyosaki just walked by me looking like he lost his puppy. lol.

On my plane to Denver, then on to Cancun for

It seems there will be no need for the airline to serve adult beverages, because us passengers are busy choking each other out with alcohol wipes.

When did we become so stupid? 🤣

My girls working over some harvested frames today. They're just about done cleaning up the ten frames I've placed in this box. Soon it's going to go on top of their hive to give them more room.

I inspected that again today. The has expanded her brood chamber across six frames, solid laying pattern with no gaps in between eggs/larva! 😃


I don't have a Farcebook or a Twatter account anymore. What's the meltdown looking like so far? 🤣

Oh thank F, it's just someone who has no Google Fu: they just sent me a photo of their dead "termite": it's either a mason or a leafcutter bee (solitary bees that adopt holes in wood and stuff). 🤣

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I'm still aching a bit from that rotohammer beating me up on a termite job yesterday, and I just got a text from someone about another possible termite infestation.

😐 🔫

Saw this elsewhere, added my own escape route (mine's in green).


Capitalism: people executing plans.

Communism: plans executing people.

is collectivist-proof property.

Spent most of the day carpet bombing a subterranean colony with a fipronil-based termiticide. Learned a valuable in the process:

When you pick up a from an equipment rental shop, ALWAYS CHECK TO SEE THAT THE SCREW-IN PERPENDICULAR HANDLE IS INCLUDED.

The shop sent me out the door with a unit lacking one.

That was really really really fun whenever the bit would grab something under the concrete and spin the drill body around.

Only minor injuries. 😬

Anyone else noticing the app not adding sats to your balance that it claims you've won/received?

They keep cutting down rewards, and now this. Looks to me like their business model doesn't work and they're just coasting on past reputation, fucking people over along the way.

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