Today, one of my clients was waiting for me when I rolled up on his house to do his monthly services.

He was out there because he wanted to let me know that he was moving away.

Apart from the business relationship, we've become "contextual friendly". He's a Vietnam vet, I'm a Desert Strike vet. Both U.S. Army.

Long story short, I could tell that today was like family parting ways for him.

As for me, I didn't realize that I've been having that effect on people.

I am humbled.

Hey you're vaccinated so you're immune /
But you gotta stay away from those unvaccinated idiots because you might catch it from them

Hey you don't have to wear a mask since you're vaccinated /
But you should wear a mask because you might still infect others

Hey you are literally a sheep who marches to our merry tune /
Go back inside and hide for another six months or else

I've got a client with 11.3k square feet of expensive, boutique bed and breakfast space that is now infested with fleas.

I trapped a possum out from under the back deck of the structure a few weeks back, could be the vector culprit.

But the big, flashing neon "you done fucked up!" sign in the corner of the room is their choice to go with the trendy "dog friendly" thing.

I may just title my bill for this mess: "That's a Paddlin'".

🀣 πŸ’°

Out and about talking to clients over the last few days, something kept coming up in our conversations: there's a palpable sense that the is right around the corner, literally on our doorsteps waiting for us to switch on the porch light.

Increasingly, I think I want it to happen. Let's just get on with this and get it over with.

Si vis pacem, para bellum.

I've had my most cynical ChAIDS idea yet: my new employee is double jabbed, so I'm going to purchase a "key employee" life insurance policy on him.

If VEAD, blood clots, cardiac arrest, etc. take him out, the policy will pay the death benefit to my business.

Big pharma aren't the only ones who can score big from the .


Found this little booger hiding inside a rodent bait station I was servicing today.

This maybe news to some, but it’s the standard for stuff coming into your country.

There is a massive list of things that just never make it to your country, due to environmental, political, and anti-competitive concerns.
RT @martybent
The virus is spreading.

I got a letter from the today that was an attempt to push the .

They tried to liken leaving the and joining the to volunteering to defend the country, like I once did.

, ambitious BBQ, and some reposado.

Yeah I know it's a school night. πŸ˜›

I hung up a trap near my to draw away and destroy yellowjackets that I saw trying to break into them yesterday. They hammered my bees last year, won't be having that shit.

Within seconds, before I could even finish hanging the trap, yellowjackets were all around me and landing on my hands.

Those things freakin' work!

Definitely not a adoption catalyst that I was expecting, but I'll take it. 🀣

I am reminded of this post from my Liberdon days, there's more to it then this, but most of this still holds up.
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
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