WORLD—We were warned.

Only one day after Texas succumbed to neanderthal thinking & reversed the mask mandate, experts reported an estimated 9 billion people around the world have already died as a direct result of this foolish action.

"We estimate there are now negative 1.3 billion people alive," said one expert solemnly 😜

Source: The Babylon Bee is your trusted source for fake news.

Here we go again. Clearly the fundamental picture has reversed, fiat inflation is no longer the case, right? The U.S. Federal .gov did not just narrow the direct cash infusions to people who will spend almost entirely on the Consumer Price Index basket, right? Major investment firms are not realizing could facilitate all international trade, right? Totally time to sell!


The only way this ends is with fewer sats available to play stupid games with in the future.

Put Seuss on chain.

Each time they burn a book we should hash it in.

The new library of Alexandria.

from cruise email newsletter i get: "good news, new cases in the US are down 73%!"" Me: "Yeah, because the PCR cycle threshold was lowered after biden took office" things are exactly the same as before folks!

In February, I permanently retired 1,290,331 satoshis from the global marketplace via purchases and interest earnings.

One way or another, they're going to ram through , and then millions of U.S. citizens will finally learn how inflation works... the hard way.


is a rejection of faith based scarcity claims. Financial atheism. I know many view it as a religion, but I think our current system is more analogous to one. It's a cult. We were all acolytes of the church of fiat before we found a way out through math and praxeology.

I'm watching videos on permaculture.

Virtually all of the people doing this stuff are fat as hell.


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