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Assuming I sent my donation note to the correct email address and it gets read on today's show (which I won't listen to until tomorrow...)

Anyone interested, start here, I'll explain what this is and how I've been using it in the way described in my note later for those who are unsure:

Today was another day.

Might feel this one tomorrow, might not. This isn't even half of the longest walk I've ever been on, which I took when I was in the U.S. .

I collected my second of the season last week. Another nice, "low hanging fruit" scenario.

There were more stragglers left behind this time than there were with the first swarm, however, so the next day I went back to gather up as many as I could. I had limited equipment with me and had to get creative.

Related: is there such a thing as Beekeepers Anonymous? I might need to start attending meetings... 🤪 🐝

Finally got this up and running.

is stupid. Paying on that you're only mowing the grass on, VERY stupid.

Turning grass into instead of mowing it: brilliant!


FINALLY got a call today!

And holy shit, it was ideal. Super easy to access, collection was smooth and quick.

Here's a link to Twatter about it all, I don't want to repost this whole thread again here (wanna drink beer and eat some red beans and rice instead!), lol:

More work today.

AWESOME site conditions. Despite working all the way through the weekend, it was a pleasure being on-site today, thanks to the amazing weather.

12 more acres down, about 30-ish to go, then the spring phase of my contracts for the three wind farms I service will be complete!

Home from another overnighter. Possibly off to the 3rd farm of 3 tomorrow, too, weather permitting.

Decided to take some of these I just acquired and convert them into via ; $1k max, so I did $1k.

That just bumped me up to my next whole coin.


The antidote to Two Minutes Hate is Two Minutes Truth.

This is brilliant. @ZubyMusic dropping truth bombs about BLM 👏👏👏

I went long various shares right before the "Powers that Pretend" tried to turn equity markets into a weapon.

To the shorts: LOL! You will all kiss the ring!

The coming world is going to steamroll a lot of people who deserve it!

Read .

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