> We tried voluntary. The voluntary phase is over. It's time for mandates. --MSNBC

hate to tell you this but that means it was never voluntary. you are a fascist. :blobcatsmilehappy:

Do the world a favor, shoot your local heroin dealer

@KlausSchwabBTC she’s fraying so fucking hard. I’m just waiting for her to snap and start pulling her hair out while screaming “I don’t know I don’t fucking know it doesn’t make any damn sense!”

Eventually people have to catch on to the fact that they’re being lied to left right and center right? Or is this just me being too optimistic about the state of humanity?

Can we talk about how empty the mempool is? Damn.

COVID is Q-anon for liberals. Not an original post, but a true one.

@drgo it’s significantly elevated in my demographic if you’ve had the vaccine. Higher than the rate from covid. I can’t give exact numbers right now as I’m sending this in a meeting break, but the data supports my claim.

@drgo for my demographic the risk of myocarditis is very real from the vaccine, while the risk of severe infection is exceedingly minimal.

@drgo vaccination isn’t stopping infection. Decreasing likelihood perhaps. But not stopping.. So the real choice, or rather question, is “what is your personal risk model? And what steps are you taking to mitigate that risk?”

For me, I am not the least bit worried about contracting covid as a young, healthy, active individual. So personally, the risks of taking an experimental vaccine are higher to than the risk of contracting covid.

@livestradamus the US doesn’t actually care about international freedom. Scratch that, the US doesn’t actually care about freedom. Full stop.

@livestradamus I’ve been torn all day between “we need to stand with Cuba” and “maybe we don’t need to get involved and fuck over another country”

Remember when the CIA sold cocaine to fund its off-the-books black ops? What's to say these ransomware attacks aren't just the next generation of that?

@Aurelius_17_6_313 Jesus...that article is a travesty. We are blaming rich people for a problem that our government caused and perpetuates. People are borrowing because they weren't allowed to work and needed to eat. The Fed is keeping rates low to encourage this behavior. But, we can't have our own Red Revolution without turning the populace against capitalism.

@Aurelius_17_6_313 I think the purpose is to seed the idea that the rich are to blame for the impending debt crunch. Instead of all the people who are up to their ears in debt they will never be able to pay back, let’s blame the rich people.

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