It is nearly impossible to discern between the words of a self-proclaimed genius and those of an idiot. Though the words of an idiot – blissfully unaware of his own idiocy – are immensely more valuable, if only for their childlike honesty.

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@Atticusrexicus Not sure if this is the take of a genius or an idiot

@Atticusrexicus @Seccour geniuses where always seen in there time as honest fools until they had there lasting shine.

If u can see it right away its not earth shatter genius.but simply smart and if so u are then too.
The goal for every genius is to become a MF badass genius and manage to stay clam, modest and cool.
If u meet them u know instantly and satoshi is mind blowing awesome, I guess from all I know so far.

@dflate @Seccour self-proclaimed is the differentiator. Satoshi did not proclaim himself to be a genius.

@Atticusrexicus exactly, I have never heard that one even tried to proclaim that, often they doubt even there worthiness or value at all because all is so *simple*

@dflate @Atticusrexicus I was just joking don't tag me in those deep discussions D:

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