When everyone is triggered to focus on one thing all at once, you have to ask "what don't they want us to see right now?"

Is there a better way to contact @bitcoinmagazine about an order than through email?

> We tried voluntary. The voluntary phase is over. It's time for mandates. --MSNBC

hate to tell you this but that means it was never voluntary. you are a fascist. :blobcatsmilehappy:

Do the world a favor, shoot your local heroin dealer

Eventually people have to catch on to the fact that they’re being lied to left right and center right? Or is this just me being too optimistic about the state of humanity?

Can we talk about how empty the mempool is? Damn.

COVID is Q-anon for liberals. Not an original post, but a true one.

Remember when the CIA sold cocaine to fund its off-the-books black ops? What's to say these ransomware attacks aren't just the next generation of that?

Cubans protest in the streets yelling "libertad!" and our government says, "they're just upset about the lack of proper COVID measures". You can't make this stuff up.

It’s incredible how few people understand money. The amount of people who think money=usd is astounding. It’s sad to see rampant ignorance.

It wasn’t until I started running my own node that I understood the importance of running my own node.

Confirmed bull market over.

🌈 🐻 Mike Burry
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Easiest riddle you'll ever get from me.

What do Troy Polamalu and have in common?

Buddy just texted me asking “how do I self custody dogecoin for long term storage?” My reply “you check yourself into a mental hospital for buying dogecoin instead of bitcoin and when you get out we can have a more in depth conversation about why your a fucking moron”

It is nearly impossible to discern between the words of a self-proclaimed genius and those of an idiot. Though the words of an idiot – blissfully unaware of his own idiocy – are immensely more valuable, if only for their childlike honesty.

No this isn’t a post because trump lost, no this isn’t a post about biden. It’s a post about facts, facts that have existed for years. The people’s republic of America is nothing new. Its just finally taking center stage.

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