Also, initial block download is a bitch.

@Atmuch5 @k3tan

How much RAM do you have and what's your dbcache value in your bitcoin.conf? Apparently for the initial sync, the higher the better (up to available RAM minus room for the OS to operate).

@georgevaccaro @k3tan I’ve got 8gb ram and I’ve set the dbcache as 2gb. It seems to be going quite fast, apart from one write error to the SSD using USB 3.0.

Question: do you think it’s a good idea to start installing other services before IBD is complete? Obviously they depend on bitcoind 🤔

@georgevaccaro @k3tan also I’ve just read there’s an issue with LND on 32 bit, should I stop the IBD now and get a 64 bit OS?

@Atmuch5 @k3tan

Hmm, if you can copy the files over to another hard drive first that might help minimize your wasted time. I've rsynced the ~/.bitcoin/blocks and ~/.bitcoin/chainstate folders from a separate node so I'm pretty confident you can do that. So copy them back once you've installed/upgraded to 64 bit and it will resume from there.

Regarding installing other services, I'm no authority but might be better for your SSD to wait.

@georgevaccaro @k3tan thanks a lot, I’ll try this. It’s quite annoying because my original plan was to use a 64 bit Manjaro install, but that’s life.

Are you using your node to rout payments?

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