Getting kinda sick of seeing Michael Saylor everywhere now...

Explaining the economic reasoning for Bitcoin to African boomers is... surprisingly easy.

Update: I’m not capitulating, going to fight the fight against obfuscation the best I can.

Plan is to install Arch Linux ARM, bitcoind, LND, ElectrumS, JoinMarket. Wish me luck

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@nvk coldcard is on the way but is there a way to store other private keys on there (example a GPG/PGP key)?

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Minimum wage just means there's a moat around every career. It destroys opportunities to career change.

Having a lot of fun with linux, just created a GPG key pair

Tempted to just capitulate and use Umbrel instead of building my own node from the bottom up 🤔

Talking to a guy from India about improving his opsec after the ban:

1. HW wallet
2. Coinjoin

What else would be useful to know?

No ATH in two days. Wtf Bitcoin is a stable coin now

You're an OG if you 'member Zhao Tong'd

I was never a big fan of the whole HFSP thing until someone tried to tell me Ripple and Litecoin had 'superior technology to bitcoin"

Troubleshooting a linux installation has been one of the most educational experiences I've had in a long time.

When the markets are repriced in sats, we can finally find out which CEOs are actually good at their jobs or just good at pumping the stock.

Elon stans on Twitter are the new Trump stans... “he’s playing 4d chess!”

Maybe. Or maybe he’s just an idiot.

One thing I don’t understand about the plug and play node software is they seem to be spending a lot of development time integrating applications that have overlapping functions. Wouldn’t a better approach be to differentiate based on varying codebases? Eg Samourai runs bitcoind, another can run Bitcoin Knots, core etc... and they can do the same with Lightning Implementations... or am I missing something?

I’m impressed bitcoiners are able to be so trusting of Saylor after what happened with roger ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ ver

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