My oldest daughter is 16. She has funneled the majority of her summer-job paychecks into #bitcoin the past few years and is sitting on 0.5 btc that i hold for her in my Casa multisig cold storage. Amazing to think that by the time she graduates highschool, she might already be financially independent

Imagine NOT buying Bitcoin with your government bux.

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I've always flipped my BAT into BTC. I'm going to chill on doing that for a while. The /biz/lets have been talking about trying to run up and pump BAT. Going to hold onto it for a couple months and see if they're able to get it up to a a dollar. If they do, then I'll swap it for sats.

Out here, so far away from everything...and I can't help but think... Am I missing the dip?

Not even stressing this current price action. And neither should you. We needed to slow down and consolidate in this range. Should kick around between $44k-$48k for a while. If you can catch in this range or lower, do yourself a favor and stack some sats. End of this week or the week after we should start seeing some upwards price action.

People get angry because they're not in

You're going to be angrier if you continue to ignore it.

Stack like thousands of multi-billion dollar companies are trying to get them all before you do. Because they are.

Holy shit. This Tesla news is BIG time. Guess I picked the perfect time to start mining!

Press F for those about to be liquidated trading against this pump.

will reach a new ATH...

(please boost for maximum exposure - thanks!)

OG DOGE bag holders gonna dump on the plebs so fuckin hard they wont know what hit them.

Prepare for the following:
"What was that?"
"What happened?"
"What time does the market open/close"

Hopefully it doesnt scare them away from Bitcoin. We all had to learn the hard way right? My first crypto purchase was DOGE too. It was a joke. A meme. Then I kept learning and realized the real power of Bitcoin and never looked back. I hope they learn this too.

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