As a followup to @mattodell's poll:

Which of the following Taproot activation methods do you support?

If you support one of the other activation methods outline here (, please specify

@AsILayHodlong Personally, I like “Let’s see what happens”. After 3 months, reassess.

Of the choices, I picked MSFA because it has the shortest horizon.

@jimbocoin Are you referring to another proposal? Because MSFA has the longest timeline of all but one.

@AsILayHodlong According to the website you linked, first phase of MSFA was 1yr. I’m looking at first phase, not total time. Total time is not set in stone, so I assume a failure with a 1yr horizon could yield better alternatives.

Anything with 1yr horizon non-force phase 1 is fine to me.

@jimbocoin gotcha, I thought you were referring to the full proposal

@AsILayHodlong Yeah no worries. Like I said, I want to do the 3 month in-and-out thing. Given how Bitcoiners like to argue, I assume that anything beyond the stage 1 deadline is up for future debate. 😅

@AsILayHodlong @mattodell I would like to vote, but I don’t understand the options. Are they written up somewhere?

@AsILayHodlong @mattodell I really think I’m still partial to a modified BIP 9. Get written statements from the community first. Say like 4 months time. If the support is there turn it over to the miners to lock it in. We will need a thread on this here. Get as many as we can exposed to how bitcoin does these consensus changes and the rough consensus process.

@hanakookie BIP9 equivalent through BIP8 (false) would be great because it gives us the chance to try again if it fails

But for the same reason, this is why Townes' modification of "Gently discourage apathy" makes sense to me because it gives you the chance to activate under the above parameters, review if it fails, and then push forward with a flag day if the review period green lights the flag day

@AsILayHodlong that’s the point of getting a consensus on the actual activation method. Something everyone is comfortable with

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