Mastodon should continue to grow as jack looks for ways to censor memes

Any recommendations for a website builder?

How much trouble is Bitmain in with the Chinese/US tariffs?

If anyone needs a bull run its them.

Roubini joined twitter the same month BTC was released


do you know any other twitter banished souls that have come over?


First Halvings:

BTC: 11/28/2012/$12.35 (Opening Price)

LTC: 8/25/2015/$2.96 (Opening Price)

23.96% ----> 4 to 1


Nouriel is a paid shill/actor, the real question is how does someone like that get in front of the Senate?

Its all a show.

Crypto Twitter loves smacking Krugman around for his economic idiocy. A little history would go a long way in helping them avoid his politics.

Separating politics and economics is like trying to remove the tails side of a quarter.

if you want to defend the talmudic normalization of pedophilia (and radical feminism, for that matter) go ahead, but it's despicable and pathetic. Maybe you can't read but saying it's not pedophilia unless the 'victim is younger than 12" is advocating legalizing sex with prepubescent children.

@freemo She is not that awesome because she is an advocate for legalizing and normalizing pedophilia and wants the age of sexual consent lowered to 12 so that pedos can legally rape children with parents being powerless to stop it.

"A sudden abundance of money is usually a sign of dishonesty."

US Monetary base quadrupled from 2008-2015. It had previously taken 24 years to accomplish that (1974-2008).

You better hang on to your corn, its going to get real when this is understood by the public consciousness.

In case you missed this the last time I posted this, mute these words on Twitter for an algo-free timeline while using the native apps. You'll still get ads, but you can "I don't like this ad" enough times you'll rarely see them.

Listening to bankers talk about their cross border blockchain payment system is hysterical

We can cross border doge....

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