- 6th Anniversary of Liberland's Independence is today. April 17th. For those of you who want to live in a free country, start by obtaining Liberland E-Residency. Then work your way up to Citizenship. You can pay with .

This is for Non-Aggressors ONLY! No criminals and douche bags need apply...

@verretor Yeppers. I've seen it. Things have changed a lot in 6 years! 🙂

@verretor No. No one lives there yet...It's still early. I have formed a business there and hope to have citizenship by the end of the year.

@verretor It was a good run for my family. My Great, Great Grandfather came on a ship from England in the late 1600s. Thomas. He landed in Baltimore and settled in Southern Maryland.

Our time is up. I've already left and my son is right behind me. It was a good run Merica, but it's time to flee totalitarianism again in search of real freedom.

@Andrew_B Interesting, I had never heard of Liberland. I had a look around their home page. Too bad they are operating on a sh*tcoin, Liberland Merit (MRT). I tried to look up an exchange where it's traded - Altilly. 1 MRT ~ 1 USD in Feb. 2020 apparently. Surprise when I went to Altilly: out of operation! And on CoinGecko: "Coin is inactive." We need Bitcoin liberlands.

@flexbit Yes. Wish they were on a bitcoin standard but I don't see anything better.

I personally am not of the opinion that everything not Bitcoin is shitcoin. I'm up 12,000% on ARRR in less than a year. Ain't nobody shakin a stick at that!

@Andrew_B In any case 7 km^2 is too small for a significant group of Bitcoiners. How to get more Liberlands? Whales bribing governments to sell some of their area? Like USA purchasing Alaska for $7.2 million.
"Hey, Mr. President, here's a cool trillion. You can pay off all your country's debt. In exchange for this area of your country."

@flexbit Not true. Micronation. Liberland is not the smallest country. What you say is one way.

Vatican City
Washington DC
Several Pacific Nations

@flexbit We do need Bitcoin Liberland's, but forming a brand new country, legally, doesn't happen often. At all! Like, hardly ever. Hoping that Merika turns around is like trying to stop a cow from shitting after he's already lifted his tail. AIN'T HAPPENIN' without a shit show!

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