I fucked up my opsec. There could be a point of time in the future when I'm wanted by NSA/FBI or some like that.

I have a burner phone and I installed Telegram on it, which is fine, but then I added my account on my desktop computer with no VPN... so now Telegram knows my home IP address. Fuck. How bad is this? I mean, is Telegram known for giving away their users to authorities? Should I delete the account or too late now?


fuck :( my name is my project name, I'm launching some time this year... I kinda like nicebit.net -- rebranding again... fuck fuck fuck

thanks tho

@nicebit @pox better to keep your enemies closer. The more fake paths the better. Trying to avoid leaves few paths, easier to find. More complex paths make more difficult to find. Make more dead ends, not one direct line.

@Andrew_B @nicebit I rotate nyms every year or two. trying to overlap them a bit. sometimes revisiting old ones.
it all rises and falls with Tor the way I see it. it's the biggest honeypot and all the incentives there are wrong. I just can never trust it, and there aren't many alternatives.


@pox @nicebit Yes, honey pots! We can all play that game.

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