I fucked up my opsec. There could be a point of time in the future when I'm wanted by NSA/FBI or some like that.

I have a burner phone and I installed Telegram on it, which is fine, but then I added my account on my desktop computer with no VPN... so now Telegram knows my home IP address. Fuck. How bad is this? I mean, is Telegram known for giving away their users to authorities? Should I delete the account or too late now?


fuck :( my name is my project name, I'm launching some time this year... I kinda like nicebit.net -- rebranding again... fuck fuck fuck

thanks tho


@nicebit @pox better to keep your enemies closer. The more fake paths the better. Trying to avoid leaves few paths, easier to find. More complex paths make more difficult to find. Make more dead ends, not one direct line.

@Andrew_B @nicebit I rotate nyms every year or two. trying to overlap them a bit. sometimes revisiting old ones.
it all rises and falls with Tor the way I see it. it's the biggest honeypot and all the incentives there are wrong. I just can never trust it, and there aren't many alternatives.

@pox @nicebit Good! Be anonymous is impossible! Privacy advocates must learn this. The fewer paths the easier it is to find. The better approach, in my very humble opinion, is to have as many possible paths as possible and as many of those as possible being dead ends or fake outs. "They" are not stupid. The more paths in the maze the more difficult the maze. Make all of them! Multiply them!
Complexity = difficulty.

@Andrew_B @pox

Andrew, so you would recommend me to start a new nym identity and launch the business on a different domain name? I did that already a couple times, can do one more time I guess. I do like the logo, that's a pity to give up :)

I don't think staying pseudonymous is impossible, Satoshi did it :) There are many darknet sites who are wanted, but "they" can't find them...

@nicebit @pox Well, there comes a point where you have no choice. Having a business makes it, essentially, literally impossible. As a business you have to interact with public customers. In business, you have no choice, in my opinion, but to keep your enemies closer. Otherwise you will not have the ability to earn customer trust. That advice was intended more for individuals.

When you are a business, you essentially are posting flags everywhere. Nice logo!

@Andrew_B @pox

Thanks! :)

I ended up deleting my Telegram account, I don't think I doxxed myself too badly.

I'm building a darkweb-style business, no KYC, completely pseudonymous, Bitcoin only. I'm not gonna be selling drugs or anything, but I'm also not gonna be paying any taxes, and that could be a problem if my government finds out... I'm not in US, so that's good -- I believe US has the toughest 3-letter agencies, my country is nowhere as scary.

@nicebit @pox They sure want everyone to think they have the toughest 3 letter agencies.

Good luck friend. 🙂

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