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Check out the official site for the social media site I'm working on! You can go ahead and start posting. I already have /d/bitcoin set up for Bitcoin Maximalists and such, /d/darkr for questions and feedback about Darkr, and /d/darknetmarkets for the eventual crowd I plan to bring over from that area of Reddit.

Anyone happen to know of any good p2p key value pair replication network libraries in node js?


I sincerely hope enough people in Turkey had reserves in bitcoin. Maybe they will educate and encourage their peers. I hope it's not too late. My suspicion is that it is.
The only positive that can come out of a country expanding its money supply is exposing the central bank's deplorable control over the people and educating and offering them a sound alternative.

Introducing changes to Venezuelan currency. Removes 5 zeros. So now, the 100,000 bill (highest denomination before the change) is worthless.

One thing I've noticed in this instance, is that BTC price is rarely mentioned, if at all. Instead it's conversation, ideas, et al... This is lovely. Constant price watching obsession is a counter-productive distraction.

The speaker and panel list for honey badger is off the charts ridiculous. Can't wait to see everyone!

<< Things that happen in Silicon Valley and also the Soviet Union:

- waiting years to receive a car you ordered, to find that it's of poor workmanship and quality

- promises of colonizing the solar system while you toil in drudgery day in, day out

- living five adults to a two room apartment

- being told you are constructing utopia while the system crumbles around you >>

Great video on latest Lightning Network developments by Andreas.

He explains with great detail the implications and features of Eltoo, one of the most recent payment channel protocol proposals and also discusses the various trade offs of different routing algorithms.

I ran 10,000 monte carlos and my diversified portfolio sits right at the efficient frontier with an optimal sharpe ratio.

^ this is what they teach you in business school

Great video review about Bisq: Very clear and easy to understand description how to use Bisq.

@Ancap I know, I was just deriding the fact than most people will actually look at your chart and see that it’s on a centuries timeframe, and probably dismiss it for that.
Oh, and Keynes actually said that when asked about the long term effect of inflation 😂

@samourai_official First BTC wallet fully embracing/adhering true "cypherpunk" spirit until the last detail! Great work! Thank you for your dedication and your great product!

When no-coiners say Bitcoin won't work because its price is too volatile: 😂

@Gargron Would mastodon scale if everyone ran their own instance or would it result in the hardware requirements/instance being too high?

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