"If history teaches us anything, it would be that private property is inextricably linked with civilization." - Ludwig von Mises

January 3rd...
Satoshi Run
No Fractional Reserve..
Not your keys, not your Bitcoin.....

"Inflation is taxation without legislation." - Milton Friedman

"A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart." - Jonathan Swift

FACT: Bitcoin can be stored in your brain, known as a Brain Wallet.

Cody Wilson, co-creator of Dark Wallet and a 3D-printing gun company accused of sexually assaulting girl before leaving U.S. and missing scheduled flight back. reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/ #bitcoin


The most advanced weapons (able to bring down empires) are those weapons the state doesn't identify at first sight as _a_ weapon.

It's the ignore...ridicule...fighting back...lost thing!

and (as you mentioned) _time_ and _energy_ are the ppl's weapons.

This time the state is one step behind and we have to be very wise/selfless and engaged to never let this advance go out of our hands.

🙏 for your ...my very 1st time!

Bitcoin's achievements is owed to creativity and ingenuity. It has zero to do with political endorsement.

@AlexAnarcho @StopAndDecrypt @pierre_rochard @giacomozucco @_Kevin_Pham @Bashco @nvk @Francispouliot @Ragnarly @mattodell @dandarkpill and in the event of gold being mined from asteriods, it is subject to humans making arbitrary decisions and not objective code. Also, say there was a crypto with an 70% inflation rate (hardcoded). That crypto is still completely un-usable as a money and is definitely not a sound money.

Gold's scarcity is only a temporary side affect of us not having cheap enough rocket technology for mining gold from asteroids to be profitable.

Bitcoin is the only asset with an actual fundamental supply cap and is therefore the best long term store of value and sound money.

@StopAndDecrypt @pierre_rochard @giacomozucco @_Kevin_Pham @Bashco @nvk @Francispouliot @Ragnarly
@mattodell @dandarkpill

"History shows it is not possible to insulate yourself from the consequences of others holding money that is harder than yours." - Saifedean Ammous, The Bitcoin Standard

Watch out for scams claiming to be using your money to "build roads" and "buy hospital beds".

They most likely are going to be spending your money bombing children and families in foreign countries and giving it to government cronies.

Keep your assets safe in Bitcoin where it isn't attached to our "government" identity and can't be stolen from you (by us).

The National Debt Scam:
(A good video to introduce people to exactly how fraudulent the fractional reserve banking system is):


This is why Bitcoin exists

"Innovators and creative geniuses cannot be reared in schools. They are precisely the men who defy what the school has taught them."

- Ludwig von Mises

We need decentralized, censorship resistent alternatives youtube, twitter, facebook, reddit etc. AND WE NEED IT NOW

It would be cool to have a transoceanic mesh network that uses high altitude balloons and micro sats in low earth orbit in order to relay messages over the ocean.
Bitcoin payment channels could be used to incentivise the relaying of data.


Twitter actually just removed "C***" from a Tweet of mine to @realsexycyborg who has been literally abused by that fucking bitch Sarah Jeong.

I have been a test case for @Jack and his SJW bullshit! HE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED IN THE BITCOIN SPACE!!!

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