Watching @michael_saylor on @TuckerCarlson

58k isn't going to last very long, buy the dip while you can.

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If you're into you need to know about Citadel21 - the best place to find creative works

@nicdex Hi Nicolas I'm also having issues connecting to rocketchat (same as Tim). Let me know if you need any info for me or when it's resolved. I think this is the only channel I can reach you on.

It's happening! 159 Bitcoiners from all ages came together to recite the whitepaper and pay their respect to Satoshi Nakamoto. Go to for the full experience.

Thanks to everyone, you are an amazing community of trailblazers.

We Are All Satoshi.

Latest episode of the Advance Tech Podcast is live featuring Chris Tramount, CEO of @scarcecity a based marketplace enabling auctions for Bitcoin artists!

New video intro/outro.

Testing out a new feature: Show Transcripts - a full transcript of the show with timing points.

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New episode of the podcast (audio and video) drops this week 🔥🔥🔥

You can support development of future shows by donating bitcoin or becoming a patron on Patreon. All links are on the homepage below

You can also like, follow and endorse the show on all socials 🤗

The ship at the commands of captain @hodlerthanthou keeps leading us into treasure troves of Bitcoin culture and knowledge, every month!
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Block04 Featuring this absolutely KILLER line-up:


Pods by: @princey1976 @johnkvallis @rebelmoneyart @mtcbtc @MaxBitBuyBit @selfbankt

Like comedy? Go support my friend Simon King.

He's one of the brightest, funniest comics with the quickest wit you've yet to experience.

Find and give him a follow @unfamous on Twitter.

Support his work here:

I believe true SI will get us to a better place but it needs full events (not a narrative) from outside the walled garden where development is taking place.

This was my reasoning to include the SI Collectives in Outpost 77, featured in January's @ctdl21 vol.9.

Throwing it out there because if the future stands a chance it needs to be built (at least in parallel) by bitcoiners, plebs & cypherpunks.

Interested? Keep reading 👇

On the other side of cancel culture there are many smart, strategic people who do not shy away from using their voices, skills; moral, intellectual and real capital.

It's still only January, keep crushing it 🔥🔥🚀

More and more, I come here for signal and go to Twitter for noise. 💙

Except from my latest work in @ctdl21

Outpost 77

"You're a Pleb... the most secretive and revered council in the empire. You know High Command considers you terrorists. Not officially, but the rumour is you guys were behind the attack on Outpost 73."

Check it out!

@dimzayan creator of Bulltardia, featured in @ctdl21 is looking for contributors for a new art project.

The concept for this project is to get Bitcoiners, plebs and OGs alike, to each recite part of the Bitcoin whitepaper on camera. These video snippets are then patched together to make a full length video of the Whitepaper told by everyone. The video would end with one additional line: "We are all Satoshi."

Come be a part of history and join the crew!

Latest episode of the podcast is live! Tune in to hear part 2 with guests Frank Braun and Smuggler on , talks at Paralelni Polis , dark markets, logistics, the power of memes, fallacies, the Tor project, open hardware, edge networks and much more

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vol.9 will feature articles from


and more...

Drops in 5 days!

A little something I wrote a while back. The words stand as true as they were 3 years ago. May they resonate with you.

Want to build the ?

Sometimes we need to use services that are not in our government registered names:

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