i really like the idea of clubhouse. yet i really hate the app and architecture. incoming.

would be cool if mastodon implemented a clubhouse like feature

@Seccour can i not even react with a gif? FUCK MASTODON

i should just create my own mastodon instance

@derek love the message. say dt, do you have a monero address for support?

Merry Christmas everyone. 😀 This year, as every year, we are giving you the gift of secure emails: tutanota.com/ 🎅🎄

federated social networks are the answer to censorship

@Sosthene @openoms appreciate the help! Anyway, i m making slow and steady progress. Worst case is a sync of a couple of days.

@Sosthene blockchain is not at 100%. How do i stop to sync blockchain first?

Syncing the Lightning Node takes for fucking eeeever

20GB to go until my new is up to date.
Looks like i will be owner of a LN node and wallet

@sgtbobbyshaftoe urgh, i feel you. Fortunately the raspi blitz is super well documented and very straight forward

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