Gold's scarcity is only a temporary side affect of us not having cheap enough rocket technology for mining gold from asteroids to be profitable.

Bitcoin is the only asset with an actual fundamental supply cap and is therefore the best long term store of value and sound money.

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@Ancap @StopAndDecrypt @pierre_rochard @giacomozucco @_Kevin_Pham @Bashco @nvk @Francispouliot @Ragnarly @mattodell @dandarkpill the supply of the money commodity doesnt really matter so long as it is liquid enough and it cannot be changed arbitrarily by a central authority...

@AlexAnarcho @StopAndDecrypt @pierre_rochard @giacomozucco @_Kevin_Pham @Bashco @nvk @Francispouliot @Ragnarly @mattodell @dandarkpill but increases in supply (inflation) does as it means that there is less demand per unit of the asset and therefore will be a lower price.

@AlexAnarcho @StopAndDecrypt @pierre_rochard @giacomozucco @_Kevin_Pham @Bashco @nvk @Francispouliot @Ragnarly @mattodell @dandarkpill yes it does. The characteristics of being a store of value and a unit of account are two of the three characteristics that define what money is.

@Ancap @StopAndDecrypt @pierre_rochard @giacomozucco @_Kevin_Pham @Bashco @nvk @Francispouliot @Ragnarly @mattodell @dandarkpill money is a universally accepted medium of exchange. The store of value and unit of account are logical implications of the medium..

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