We need decentralized, censorship resistent alternatives youtube, twitter, facebook, reddit etc. AND WE NEED IT NOW

@AlexAnarcho you can make the underlining software into many things. there is already facebook and youtube like players made off it - check out the underlying gnu social it came from.

I'm up for an extended discussion, modding venture with anyone else wanting to


"No! I will not do such thing!
I'm responsible to the truth and to you. And to my own consciousness and there is no amount of deplatforming threat that will break that bound. [..] I will not-self-censor!"
Stefan Molyneux - "YouTube almost banned me!" - Aug 15 2018

@danielfl yes, i love the fact that he doesnt have sponsored. He made me an AnCap. I really value him and his integrity.

Hopefully mastodon will be a succes that shows the way.

@jacob yes! I think the quality of content on here compared to twitter - and a lot of high caliber people hopping on here is nice incentives

@smartbrain yes, love it. but youtube needs a better alternative. dtube is hella slow

@AlexAnarcho there's a lot of buzz around bitchute... though it's not really *that* decentralised...

Maybe we all should re-learn the lost art of IRC file transfer.

@smartbrain in my opinion there needs to be a sweetspot between convenience and censorship resistance.

i am willing to compromise some convenience, but if it is too cumbersome than i wont use it and most others wont either.

@smartbrain @AlexAnarcho What About something like IPFS? the throughput is good for streaming.

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