Syncing the Lightning Node takes for fucking eeeever

20GB to go until my new is up to date.
Looks like i will be owner of a LN node and wallet

The principle of "survival of the fittest" still applies -- just the environment has _drastically_ changed. Now, the people with smarts and technical skills are the apex. Don't fool yourself, if you cannot command technology, you are an artefact of a dying world.

Nicht meine beste Folge, aber dafür auch nicht so lang.
"Isaiah Berlin über negative Freiheit" (

Falls du noch nicht weißt, was 'negative Freiheit' überhaupt heißt, dann ist diese Folge genau richtig für dich!

For people who want to read the full report ("Bitcoin is in heavy accumulation")

WhatBitcoinDid is my favorite Bitcoin Podcast now, and the latest Episode with Tuur is pure (digital) gold again.

Hopefully, by the end of the day, I will be a first class citizen of Bitcoin.

In a world run by code the developer become Gods. The consumer becomes the product.

Working in the information age, a digital product (like code) is the best way to work. Just Copy+Paste to scale... Distribution is almost instantanous... Code crosses language barriers and nation borders.

Being a developer is one of the most attractive jobs I can think of:
* high demand
* remote work
* excellent pay
* highly scalable
* don't have to interact with others
* easy to get paid in crypto

Highly recommend the book 'Automate the boring stuff with Python' - great to have some real world examples for easy programs!

Learning to code Python for free right now. Amazing what the internet is able to provide... In the best case, I can become a developer and spend nothing on education. What a time to be alive!

Hör dir die neuste Folge von AlexAnarcho an! Ich spreche über und - Lass mir ein Abo da, wenn es dir gefällt ;)

hyperspace is a neat application for Ubuntu to use Mastodon - me likey

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