Twatter is easily the worst investment elon could make. The only hope is to try and drain the fedi and gab of refugees.

Game changer. Great job, @LuxorTechTeam
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We're thrilled to announce the launch of our ASIC Trading Desk! 🥳⛏️🎛

You can now shop for used rigs, new rigs, futures orders, GPUs, and parts on our brokerage site 👇

Did a lightning payment for the first time, it's pretty awesome and instant. I can easily see how this could go mainstream at pos terminals.

Man it sucks John McAfee got murdered in jail, would have been great to have him this cycle

will be situated on the left and this is the ocean view that the city will have. The big island on the right is Conchagua island. 🌇🇸🇻

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It is maybe a little odd the circulation of bitcoin is shrinking even though the price is extremely bearish. The whales feed on otc so it has little to no impact on spot. So it would be premature to call the cycle finished

If you think communists are mad about bitcoin now, just wait until THAT becomes the catalyst that brings vast new wealth to "the global south". The seethe is going to be unreal.

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