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This is fucking amazing
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“I’m here live, I’m not a cat,” says lawyer after Zoom filter mishap

“I can see that,” responds judge

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Bitcoin's success is very likely to increase global instability. It may not be a force for net good (but the genie is out of the bottle now)

@nicstheses Agreed. It will not be a smooth ride.

The best protection is to have some I suppose.


Yes, if you want a dedicated node, there a good guides on this site...

@awayslice And what's the boost for?

I've been clicking that too periodically.

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Holy fuck this is hilarious. One of the guys who work in our landscaping team was uploading pictures from a job he did to our business management system. He accidentally included dick pics to go along with the new patio or whatever 😂

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@gugou_daktulios @AgentHODL If environment turns more adversarial then I assume major hosted VPNs will get squeezed pretty early on.

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@AgentHODL @mattodell
You have to trust the VPN provider not to spy on your traffic. With Tor, there are middle hops that hide the destination from the guard node (the node you connect from) and the origin form the exit node (the node where your connection goes to the onion service or the clearnet website).

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@AgentHODL @mattodell vpn is fine but requires a trusted party and also has networking setup overhead and can cause remote access difficulty

@mattodell I'm assuming we can't set our nodes without TOR, but run them over a VPN instead?

@mechanic41turk Retest

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@giacomozucco I saw the Twitter post ref TOR issues.

Checked my node, and it's only connected to onion addresses. Seem to have found the ONLYNET=ONION field too.

Is it best to set to an alternate value to ensure my node can connect to both TOR and Clearnet nodes?

I'm asking here as it's a little more private.

@DrHQuinzel You want to speak to @FF2K or @RoninNode

I've an S9 I used to tinker with, but not viable to run in the UK. Plus, it's like having the vacuum on constantly.

@czino Yep. The eyes flash, like sunrays.

Looks OK on laptop

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