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Money is the base layer of civilization.

Civilization built on fiat sinks into the mire.
We're starting to see what a civilization built on looks like.

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A different billboard in working class neighborhoods of all 12 Federal Reserve Bank cities.

Richmond, VA

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Hey @bitcoinhackers, I was permanently banned on Twitter over the weekend and I refuse to create a new account.

Can you guys please boost this so I can find and reconnect with people, thanks!

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The ECB is literally run by a convicted criminal. The last head at the IMF before Lagarde (Dominique Strauss Khan) had to step down after being accused of raping a hotel maid.

Where the fuck do they find these idiots and why do they want to "regulate" bitcoin?

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If you're considering trading, the moves you have to make are going to have to outdo buying/selling fees, cap gains tax, and still be worth the stress and time you spend doing it.

Much easier (and likely more profitable) to DCA, stack what you can, and spend time doing more important things.

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Don’t wait until it’s too late and they do it to you. Take your fiat out and put it into bitcoin where it’s safe.

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@joerodgers @stephanlivera watching it slow down at Bitcoin gets more popular over time is part of the fun. The early blocks didn't have as much to chew on / fewer tx's , but as time goes on your node has to WORK on dem blocks.

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Now that Sweden's 2020 mortality statistics have been finalized, we can see the horrifying COVID-19 death toll with a good magnifying glass.

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It's great to see people choosing the free and open source software! Here are my top picks.

Router: pfsense
Operating system: Pop!_OS
Browser: ungoogled-chromium
Recording: OBS
Video editing: Kdenlive
Messaging: Ferdi
IRC: Weechat
Password manager: Bitwarden_rs
2FA Authenticator: Aegis
Social media: Pleroma
Calendar & Contacts: Nextcloud
Sync to mobile: Davx5
VPN routing: Zerotier
VPN recommendation: Mullvad
Money: Bitcoin
Payment processor: BTCPayServer
Torrents: Transmission
Movies: Radarr
TV: Sonarr
Trackers: Jackett
Media centre: Jellyfin
Media player: VLC
Homepage: Homer
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Turns out that masks may increase your risk of infection too!

'Jenny Harries, deputy chief medical officer, said the masks could “actually trap the virus” and cause the person wearing it to breathe it in.

'For the average member of the public walking down a street, it is not a good idea” to wear a face mask in the hope of preventing infection, she added.'

Oh wait, no that's from last March, obviously from a parallel universe...

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It took me 30 minutes to go through my notifications.

I only had 3 notifications on bird site.

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I love when Saifedean makes fun of Bill Gates's man boobs

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