Awesome <3

There's a long road ahead, and we'll be going fast .

Beautiful <3
Modern Democracy it's not about freedom. One more example


What an idiotic analogy with religion?

In finally he descended to the point of labeling stupidly. πŸ˜“

Okay, his argument is valid.

It is not that the bitcoin community denies bitcoin's validity πŸ€”

But, how can one draw conclusions about bitcoin future from this πŸ™‚

The whole argument boils down to the fact that bitcoin was and remains volatile.

Does anyone think this is a good argument?

In a normal society this piece of shit should be punished 🀬

The Cato Institute once again showed what they are worth 😞

Not that I'm surprised, but sad either way.

I had no doubt that these idiots would not rest )))

Now they wanna cancel telegram.



There is no forgiveness now. How they even dare ? -_-

People who buy via . Are u sure it's good idea ?

Bitpay, Coinbase - shame

Square - No comments, every one know who is Jack

What has become of families in the US ?

If your own children are traitors, it's mean you raised them bad.

It's a disgusting sight.

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