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This will be huge.
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BREAKING: Substack adds Lightning payments for 500,000 users ⚡️

Awesome <3

There's a long road ahead, and we'll be going fast .

I've wanted to sell my car for a long time. Looks like the time has come hehe )

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@giacomozucco Elon had disappointingly weak arguments against bitcoin. Which only discredited him greatly.

Well.. nothing new. One more guy pissing in the wind 😞

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An open letter in support of Richard M. Stallman.
Let's defend free software from totalitarian, violent and retarded US-centric identity politics.

Beautiful <3
Modern Democracy it's not about freedom. One more example


Compared by one criterion to religion and makes inferences based on that . Just sad to see that (

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What an idiotic analogy with religion?

In finally he descended to the point of labeling stupidly. 😓

Okay, his argument is valid.

It is not that the bitcoin community denies bitcoin's validity 🤔

But, how can one draw conclusions about bitcoin future from this 🙂

The whole argument boils down to the fact that bitcoin was and remains volatile.

Does anyone think this is a good argument?

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In a normal society this piece of shit should be punished 🤬

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Before the youtube ban hits we have some fresh telegram mirrors up for RHR and Dispatch.

Citadel Dispatch: t.me/citadeldispatch

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Ok. He built one of the largest palaces in the world.

And now he holds on to power because is afraid of losing it all.

Putin could have just bought bitcoins. Unfortunately he doesn't use the Internet and doesn't know that is .

Don't forget to pay your taxes 😂

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I see people are often interested in services

Hmm.. try this one:

1 Sign up digitalocean.com
2 SetUp your VPN here (just login) dovpn.carlfriess.com/

The Cato Institute once again showed what they are worth 😞

Not that I'm surprised, but sad either way.

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