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You may be interested to know that the Instax Photo idea works. Visit for more info.

The initial price of bitcoin was caused by people who wanted to hold it, not people who wanted to spend it.

Thanks @beautyon.

Download Here:

20 6b 56 30 f3 17 10 47 a5 7e aa b1 6b d4 60 5e
* note: Perform the hash on the zipfile called

@beautyon Please may I have permission to host a zip file of all of your medium posts as PDF's and allow free download? It would make your writing easily accessible for offline reading. I can generate the PDF's myself and will provide a donation QR on the webpage and in the Zip folder.

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What are your favourite physical bitcoin items?

- opendime
- the bitcoin standard
- trezor

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What are your favourite physical bitcoin items?

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If you want to create your own instance, this guide by @[email protected] is the best I've found.

Just a reminder, you can interact and follow people across instances. You can export the list of people you follow to a new account but no past toots or followers carry over.

I'll probably stick with this instance for now, will play it by ear. The important thing is we always have the option to spin up a new instance if necessary.

Does anyone know of a tool to scan/sweep all address types from a 12/24 word mnemonic?

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