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Bitcoin is a part of the much broader battle between free and proprietary software.

Bitcoin facilitates freedom.

@waxwing made a great point in stephan livera's latest podcast (SLP149) that mirrors Stallman in the video below.

If you care about freedom - start using bitcoin properly (P2P). Don't use the proprietary platforms, protect your freedom at the cost of convenience.

@waxwing are you aware that the square crypto team looked at SNICKER in detail but we're dissuaded by the fact that it wouldn't work with watch only wallets.

Read about CoinJoin flagging, why it's an issue and what you can do.

# Extreme Ownership

Explaining with increasing accuracy what it means to 'own' bitcoin.

Please comment suggestions for improvements or better still, make pull requests.

Introducing txCast: Randomised Bitcoin (testnet) transaction broadcasting to break timing analysis.



note: I have little coding experience and would appreciate any feedback / suggestions that you can offer.

In a similar vein, you probably wouldn't want wallets to let you use a SNICKER input pubkey to generate a new output spending a previous SNICKER output because the other participant will be able to roll back that transaction, eliminating the privacy for not only yourself but also your previous mix partner

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The idea of having a Wasabi Bulletin Board is fine, but it could be the source of a targeted Sybil attack by analysis companies who want to link the unmixed change with the inputs (if it's not viable to link them onchain).

What would be particularly bad is if people make proposals to mix mixed outputs and use the Pubkeys of inputs to generate the shared secret - because the wasabi user would be revealing the link between their input & output to the other SNICKER participant.

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@waxwing A quick question about SNICKER;

At in the recent hangouts discussion the following idea was proposed:

Have the wasabi coordinator act as a proposer on behalf of the wasabi user because they know the links between inputs & unmixed change.

Surely this is not viable because without a shared secret between the the wasabi user and the receiver anyone could decrypt these psbt's?

I missed this paper coming out in 2018

A concerning proposal to use FIFO on bitcoin by a chain analysis company.

Not clear how they determing ordering when tx outputs confirm in the same block (e.g. CoinJoin)

@waxwing did you see this?

@waxwing have you seen this "job advertisement" by Dominic Cummings? You may be the ideal bitcoiner for the job!

Check out Https://

A celebration of projects that are proudly bitcoin only!

Let me know if you can think of any things to add!

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