New @COLDCARDwallet video !!!
How to type a long passphrase without having to struggle with the Mk1 cypherpunk keyboard.

@Sosthene @TallTim

May you know that the buying and selling of regulatory favors is more "nuanced" than you think 😂

And don't forget non-state ordinary criminals as another very good reason to keep a low profile. That's more worrying in my mind than some country going nuts (you can always gtfo)

@Sosthene @TallTim

I'm also cynical, but in other ways. Politicians are employees of donors and lobbyists. The bigger this space gets the harder is going to be messing with it.

The incentives to own this "asset" (I fucking hate that term) are gonna increase, as we all know. Political prostitutes and public servants alike will not be unaware of this.They also must know by now that it cannot be shut down. They can only cut themselves from it.



I've been forced to stop accumulating (had to sell some bitcoin, actually).

Eager to go back and getting rid of my filthy fiat at whatever bitcoin price, when things improve for me.


you're not begging for lower prices anymore, huh?

Did you fill your bags already?


Or perhaps the maxim "in bear markets only bad news matter, in bull markets only good news matter" is in play...


The guy has a point. When Brezhnev outlawed the use of US dollar in the Soviet Union (when the rubble disintegration was accelerating) he turned it overnight into the currency of choice for bribing industrialists and politicians.

Or is the US government going to destroy that bitcoin?

But I agree that some pain short term would come, obviously. Specially for those martyrs that give me shit on Twitter by DM for not showing my face. "Bitcoin is for everyone", they say... LOL

Second Coldcard video in progress. The cat is butthurt because he cannot type a long passphrase in the shitty keyboard and cannot afford a Mk2 (he must have sold the bottom or something...)

A lazy and shorter remake of my old video on how to upgrade the Bitcoin Core client.

This time with PGP signatures, digital signatures... all that good stuff.

Newbs with shorter attention spans will find it useful, I guess... soon(TM)


I didn't get any clues from Andy's article "BRhodium’s UNREPLICATABLE Crypto Community".


@Shekelcoin @Sosthene @stevenroose

I'd like to see fucking Norway run out of its oil reserves and see them desperately dial the fuck down their social programs , even faster than the other Scandinavian countries.


Ok, back to my hiatus. I love you all... bastards!

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