I guess you know... but in birdsite everyone and their mother is in love with jack now because he made a LN transaction and said he's not holding ETH.

OGs and all...


@402PaymentRequired these fags don't realize that Jack and his support of Bitcoin is the support of a fully surveiled imposition of aml/kyc bitcoin. Am i supposed to believe that a guy who allows the banning of people for unpopular opinions from bird site is in support of anonymous btc? He probably did his lightning torch pass from his fresh lightning peach install.


lol. The idea of Jack using peach is hilarious...

I don't care what his intentions are.He thinks of bitcoin as magic internet money.

The few times I've heard him articulate thoughts about bitcoin or trying to justify his investment in Lightning Labs, nothing has come out from his mouth other than vacuous statements such us "it's internet native money" and "medium of exchange of the future".

O his "retreats" he should do some reading, instead of meditating while snorting curry.

@402PaymentRequired i googled it and you're right. Hahaha look at how this kind of drivel has bird site bitcoiners beside themselves

@402PaymentRequired I just love how much it triggers Roger Ver. He even tweeted using his sockpuppet "Bitcoin" handle about it to Jack.
I don't trust Dorsey at all, but he can see the light if he wants. I still won't use his bullshit platform.

@402PaymentRequired Bitcoin is and should be apolitical. The fact that even a silicon valley CEO can appreciate Bitcoin without being distracted by shitcoins is great for social scalability.

I want Bitcoin to be used also by my enemies and the people I hate, not only by my friends


my comment was more about bitcoiners than Jack...

@402PaymentRequired not sure if there is someone you are specifically refering to, but in general I don't think that celebrating the fact that an influential business man is using LN and is BTC maximalist necessarily means to be buddy with him

One may disagree with Jack on many topics, but if common ground is found on Bitcoin related stuff there's nothing wrong in being happy about it


Yes, I get it. But somehow I'm uncomfortable when people praise influential celebrities for using bitcoin. The "oh shit" moment when the celebrity in question fucks up or says something stupid (let alone, scammy or evil) is not usually far away.

If you were ruthless giving shit to the bitcoin foundation, but visibly delighted when fuckin' "CNBC" reports on jacks' tweets about bitcoin... wtf, man?

* but again I agree that will help onboarding some curious minds. I'm bitching for sport 😛

More interesting than Jack is the Abra/BTC stock investing news. Bitcoin in, Bitcoin out no KYC. But what about dividends? Abra can instantly convert USD to BTC and vice versa. But isn't that a KYC wrinkle?

Anyway... yes, Jack. Yay.

@hiyitopatada @402PaymentRequired @fed i used to trade the s&p 500 on 1broker before they got raided. Hopefully abra doesnt get shut down too.

@402PaymentRequired I'm a bit surprised too. Personally I couldn't care less, if Jack likes Bitcoin, well...
I guess everyone still need Twitter to fuck them in the ass one more time to get the message.

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