@402PaymentRequired Question about video 19. If I have a ledger nano s already linked to the ledger wallet, can I still use it with electrum or do I need to send the Satoshis to another wallet first. Do I need to reset the ledger? youtu.be/W6phYwdF95k



You don't have the ledger "linked" anywhere.

You connect to the Ledger server so they can recreate your balances with the Pubkey that's inside your Ledger.

You can do that via electrum anytime...

* same shit... you dox your addresses, balances, etc. unless you're using the personal server, of course.

@402PaymentRequired I haven’t made it that far yet. I’ve got my BTC and lightning nodes running on an hp thin client running Ubuntu. I’ve pretty much maxed out the little hard drive. I need to start over with a lighter disto before I download electrum and tor. I think I’m going to do that over the holidays.

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