fascinating little read...

"'ve deviated from the roadmap outlined in the white paper..."

@402PaymentRequired Someone chasing profits, not looking at the tech. There is only one Bitcoin, it's simple. The rest are Bitcon's and they can fork off into oblivion. There is enough to do over the next ten years to get just one coin into the mainstream, the rest is just noise, and tokenware.


Notice (and this was easy to predict) that absolutely no outcome will ever convince these people that they were even slightly wrong about the blocksize debate.


It's usually not easy to realise that "blind ideological commitment to X" is often the first variable when trying to understand certain behaviours.

It reminds me of the late 90s, when the Kremlin declassified literally TONS of secret Soviet docs... and many historians where in disbelief, because, guess what... yes! elites where actual communists! They believed that shit!

Coming back to bitcoin...I'm so happy that you all fought the good fight and got rid of these people...


@402PaymentRequired @waxwing no wait the best part is that the western leftists believed this shit... and that they kept on believing after USSR failed and opened its archive!
Il n'y a pire aveugles que ceux qui ne veulent pas voir.

@Sosthene @waxwing

Yes, I was born in a household where this kind of indoctrination was going on.

They fucked up big time with me...

@402PaymentRequired @Sosthene @waxwing
me too. They are definitely fucking with the wrong humans. jmo

@waxwing @402PaymentRequired Well the failure of BCH is not linked to big blocks has they still have an average block size under 100kb.

Maybe if BSV actually removes any size limit and somebody spams the network, then those people will finally be convinced that big blocks are a stupid idea

@fed @waxwing @402PaymentRequired Empty blocks still prove that real people don't care about it, and that hardforking to force this kind of change on everyone was a mistake at best, an attempt at subverting the network at worst, did a lot of harm to everyone and is ultimately doomed anyway.
Big blocks is not a bad idea bc it doesn't work, it is a bad idea bc it could work only if the core value of Bitcoin, decentralized and permissionless audit of transactions, was abandonned.

@402PaymentRequired I came across a thread of SV supporters on bird site, it was amazing to read people able to write "SV is the real bitcoin as depicted in the whitepaper, it is great design" and stuff like that.
Either they are all paid shills, either there's some serious retardation going on here. There are people that takes Craig Wright seriously?! Almost in 2019?
Let that sink in...

@402PaymentRequired This is such a rich dessert, I'm going to have get a cup of coffee. ☕ 😎

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