1/ The progressives, since the late XIX century have always considered it their right and duty to educate, police, guide and dictate to the rest of us peasants about how to live and what to think. No matter how many horrors and misery they’ve created (of course they’re too uninformed and clueless to know) it’s ALWAYS the same shit, generation after generation.

2/ The practical/ethical thing to do is BUYING BITCOIN to defund these leeches that prey on us. Regaining individual sovereignty is the highest of goals and the political and spiritual struggle of our generation.

@402PaymentRequired Many people with a large following on the bird site are unfortunately finding it hard to leave. I suppose the pain will have to become acute enough to overcome the switching cost of a (perhaps
temporary) significant loss of audience.

@jon @402PaymentRequired I'm not going to leave twitter any time soon, but do most of my posting here now

@orionwl @jon @402PaymentRequired

Same. I'm finding myself scanning through twitter two or three times a day, but I've (weirdly) never felt comfortable using it, if I've got things to post, I'll post them here.

@jon @402PaymentRequired
Yes. But I would argue the quality of your audience can improve with the move. Quality over quantity.

@mydogisahusky @jon what’s with this “audience” shit? I don’t want an audience, I want to learn from people talking to each other like human beings. In the birdsite most of it is fake and you can’t even juxtapose a couple of words without the algorithm censoring you. Users know it, and it shows when you interact there. It’s poisoned!

@mydogisahusky @402PaymentRequired Depends how large an audience and how it was built. Beyond a certain point, yes, probably inevitable that average quality drops and also that ego stroking, virtue signalling and self-censorship increases ;) which is why I avoid following anyone with a mass audience and let those I do follow who like that stuff do the filtering for me.

@mydogisahusky @402PaymentRequired A small following is like graduate studies. A large following is like high school.

@jon I find it really enjoyable here. Fewer good people and no fakery whatsoever. I wrote about this a few days ago in a little thread... following fuckin’ EVERYBODY has been a good move on my (our) part, I guess.

@402PaymentRequired @jon
I follow all the newbies I see, they end up following back in short order.
New folks are looking for cohesion, and to get settled.

@mydogisahusky @jon that’s my point... I AM a newbie, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot teach a lesson about history to a random OG who has ridiculous ideas about history or ... bitcoin, quite frankly. The move to this place has lifted for a brief moment the veil of respectability that a “large following” imbues an account and we’ve started talking to each other. From each according to his/her ability, you know... <joke> and we couldn’t or wouldn’t have done this in birdsite.

@402PaymentRequired he actually said that? What a prick. Wants to control people’s behaviour.

@402PaymentRequired I think it started before the XIXth century though. By the 1730s the British government was regating the sale of Gin because it thought Londoners drank too much.

@hubert no, I’m talking about the specific political movement that utilizes Big Government to intrude in all aspects of economic and social life by a coalition of industrialist businessmen and as Rothbard would say “technocratic and statist intellectuals” whose goals and values would be achieved THROUGH government. Industrialists restrict competition via regulation and price controls, while intelectual elites restrict entry into THEIR Big Government positions.
That’s late XIX, XXth century.

@hubert I’m on vacation damn it, what am I doing here shitposting all day !?

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