New @COLDCARDwallet video !!!
How to type a long passphrase without having to struggle with the Mk1 cypherpunk keyboard.

Second Coldcard video in progress. The cat is butthurt because he cannot type a long passphrase in the shitty keyboard and cannot afford a Mk2 (he must have sold the bottom or something...)

A lazy and shorter remake of my old video on how to upgrade the Bitcoin Core client.

This time with PGP signatures, digital signatures... all that good stuff.

Newbs with shorter attention spans will find it useful, I guess... soon(TM)

I guess you know... but in birdsite everyone and their mother is in love with jack now because he made a LN transaction and said he's not holding ETH.

OGs and all...


@[email protected] Look what you single-handedly did with your lightning FUD

And @Sosthene what shitholery is this????

Popular guy...
OGs sucking up to this guy because he threw some pocket money at Lightning Labs are annoying AF.

What the FFF !!!

Nopara was tweet storming covering live a Chainalysis webinar

This is fucking insane!!!

Digital silver --> Better PoW --> Bitcoin's sidechain --> Privacy coin

Can't wait for the next narrative shift

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