When the Soviet Union fell, tons of internal documents became suddenly available for public scrutiny. I remember reading about how many historians were shocked to find that key members of the ruling elite DID actually believe the crackpot ideology they pedalled, with disastrous consequences.

In the spirit of fighting FUD-narratives with self explanatory beautiful imagery, I've cut an excerpt from one of my 3 year old videos.
Pretty sick of lying academics and jOuRnAlIsTs whose sophistry hinges on LN not existing.

Release v1.5.5 · bisq-network/bisq

ATTENTION: This release changes the trade protocol.
DO NOT specify trade ID in 'reason for payment'.


 reminder: activation can't really begin until N months after software is released with the activation parameters. That N months needs to be enough time to be sure enough of the community has upgraded to it.

The quicker the community upgrades to 0.21 (or the upcoming 0.20.2 backport), the clearer it will be that a shorter timeframe can be used for activation!

OK kids. You've proved you got a pair!
Now you have to grow a brain and do some serious DD into and start acting like sovereign individuals.

I buy every bottom, I buy every top, WITHOUT a trusted third party.

I'm the owner of my fucking money.

wanna know why?

RT @bisq_network


Trading protocol change coming with next Bisq release (v1.5.5): reason for payment should be left BLANK.

Putting trade ID there (or anything else) will no longer be allowed.

This starts with v1.5.5.

There will be messages in the software to remind you.

Successfully installed GrapheneOS on a Pixel4a using @mattodell YouTube tutorial. Used Rufus.ie to put Ubuntu on a USB drive.


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