available on all podcasting 2.0 players podcastindex.org/podcast/37267. provide value for value while listening to an audiobook...new chapters out every few days

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If you want this to be the Final Cycle, grow the Bitcoin DCA army.

everyone should be aware of boltz.exchange - a fantastic privacy centric service (albeit a little expensive)

avoid using compass for hosting your miners they are not only disorganized but the hosting centers they contract with have very poor uptimes

bitcoin will be the great reset...where a group of entrepreneurs with libertarian views gradually then suddenly control the worlds wealth

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The more closed minded and authoritarian you are, the later you'll be to Bitcoin.

And maybe that's a good thing.

prediction: NVIDIA will be next tech company to adopt bitcoin as treasury reserve

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RT @michael_saylor
Our @MicroStrategy World 2021 was a great success, with 22,031 registrants. The for Corporations program attracted 8,197 attendees from 6,917 different enterprises. All sessions are free & uploaded here, along with our Bitcoin Corporate Playbook.


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It is really interesting to listen to such a traditional investor who's thought process is directly aligned with the bitcoin ethos be so dismissive of btc youtu.be/a4_U6bS-cU4.

question for the group: is there value in coin joining mined coins (aka kyc free coins)?

create a network canary using leftover raspberry pi

there was a group of simple investors called the "bogleheads" who were followers of john bogle, the founder of vanguard. They lead simple lives (the millionaires next door) and aggressively dollar cost averaged in the fiat world through index funds.

They have now been supplanted by modern day bitcoiners who stack sats. It is always refreshing to see bitcoin posts on bogleheads.org even though they still don't get bitcoin because they never understood money.

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How do I judge what the President’s positions are on monetary policy when he’s being told what to say through an earpiece? Who’s really running the show?


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one of the best mental exercises you can perform: "Ask yourself what would I do if my government banned bitcoin ownership or investigates all current owners of btc as suspected insurgents"

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