Game theory at state level suggests first adopters have a huge advantage + others cannot realistically coordinate banning (or capital controls).

But look at the corona situation. Most countries issued lockdowns and still are now 1y later, even if that's detrimental to the country's economy.

Looking at how important banning BTC will be at state level, isn't it possible it could go the corona route, where one nation state bans it (+ cap controls + confiscation) then others soon follow suit?

Some things can't be taught, they can only be learned.

No amount of outside clarity or patience when explaining can compensate for a lack of curiosity.

“Memory must be a road not only to the past but also to the future.”

— Ana Blandiana

Almost as if she's talking about the blockchain.

“Tradition is not something constant but the product of a process of selection guided not by reason but by success. It changes but can rarely be deliberately changed.”

— Friedrich A. Hayek

Almost as if he's talking about the bitcoin blockchain.

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