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ethereum nodes and decentralisation... Not!

- 66% of nodes run on hosting providers.
- Of those, 35% run on AWS.

What were you saying about ethereum being decentralised???

is the ONLY 100% decentralised protocol!

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RT @Annakhait
The government “accidentally” loses trillions of dollars, but they want to know if anyone sends you $600.

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The flood gates of new ppl coming into Bitcoin are opening.

Soon everyone will need to be a bitcoiner.

It will be glorious.

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My Lightning Network Gaming startup THNDR GAMES just crossed the 100,000 download mark.

Lightning Network Deniers have gone the way of the Dodo 🦤

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⚠️ Just so we don't get too far along and people call it unfair.

Most of the first comers are maximalists. We will keep it that way.

Shitting on Shitcoins is ok, Shilling Shitcoins is not. We will try to keep this as a Bitcoin only instance.

I'm comfortable with this because it's a federated tool.

If you want to follow a shitcoin instance you can, that's the beauty of this system.

Long live Bitcoin, there can be only one.

Craig Wright is taking legal action to recover $3.5bn of “stolen bitcoin” 😂 😂 😂 What an idiot!

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Purchased one way plane ticket to Costa Rica and rented AirBnB house in the jungle for a month.

No plan after that.
Real nomad shit.

Giving all possessions away and owning only what fits in my backpack.

No plan to fall back on.

Just march on in search for meaningful friendships and experiences. That's all.

We'll see where the road takes.

Living dream :bitcoin:

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📝 Google just removed over 120,000 negative reviews of on the app store.

💵 Joe Biden’s new Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has made over $7 million from speaking at Wall Street firms including Citadel – an investor in Melvin Capital, which got run over by WSB

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@elonmusk @benmezrich Yes, and money that exhibits the greatest energy density necessarily carries the most information about “who did the work.”

is an apolitical, indisputable database: the only private property right independent of human opinions.

Bitcoin is pure signal and zero noise.

On December 25, 2020, I purchased some from I withdrew it to address 1GLENCo4brKy9HL2xjjyeh1W7gVKMXicmx. Shortly after they'd sent it, I realized that I never saved the private key that accompanied that address when I generated it.

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