6 hours in and we've validated 60% of the BTC blockchain :bitcoin:

~16 hours in and we've validated 76% of the blockchain! The last 15% took way longer to validate than the 60% before it. :bitcoin:


~36 hours in and we've validated 96.5% of the blockchain! Will start funding LN channels and BTC on-chain wallet at 100%. Would love any tips and tricks! :bitcoin:

@0xtr What's your setup like ? I'm at 86% and it's been 45 hours

@Seccour RPI4 8GB, Samsung T7 SSD, 500 mbit up/down fiber connection

@0xtr with Umbrel you can actually fund LN channels without the chain being at 100% .. there is some magic involved under the hood.

@nolim1t ah did not know that but I'll just wait for good measure

@0xtr no need to.. I was the creator of that so called "magic" under the hood. haha.

@nolim1t really? Thank you so much for your work then! What is this feature called?

@j12d @nolim1t is Neutrino a thirt-party company or some kind of software? Would love to read up on this feature

From my understanding it's like SPV, but with better privacy and only lookups your transactions.

More info here blog.lightning.engineering/pos

Wallets like Breez use neutrino.

@0xtr @nolim1t
FYI once sync is done it will switch from Neutrino backend to Bitcoind. You'll notice a docker container called something like neutrino-switcher it checks the chain sync status.

Install the blockchain explorer, if you haven't already. Can be done while syncing chain.

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