Another data breach! Ledger was a part of leak in September 2020.

~36 hours in and we've validated 96.5% of the blockchain! Will start funding LN channels and BTC on-chain wallet at 100%. Would love any tips and tricks! :bitcoin:

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~16 hours in and we've validated 76% of the blockchain! The last 15% took way longer to validate than the 60% before it. :bitcoin:

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6 hours in and we've validated 60% of the BTC blockchain :bitcoin:

Pretty cool that I randomly set up my first node today, exactly 12 years after (to the day!) :bitcoin:

was stupidly easy to set up, what the actual.

Bitcoin launches huge winter sale! BTFD! :bitcoin:

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Going to set up a Bitcoin node soon. What software do you guys recommend on a RPI4(8GB edition)?

Joined Mastodon in 2018 but have bounced around on a couple of servers before ending up on Bitcoinhackers. It's fun to see Mastodon starting to actually get some attention from Twitter users.

Lol, asked why he used BCH instead of Bitcoin over Lightning for I think I hit a trigger point..

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