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If Julian Assange is extradited to the United States, his trial will be held at the Espionage Court in Alexandria, before a jury just like the one that would have tried Kiriakou. The proceedings will take place behind closed doors, in the absense of press and public, and based on evidence that will not be accessible to Assange or his defense council – due to imperative ‘national security’ concerns, of course. In short: in the United States, Assange would get a secret state-security trial very similar to those conducted in dictatorships and authoritarian regimes. At the Espionage Court in Alexandria, no national security defendant has ever been acquitted.

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Former Obama era intelligence officials, those who helped construct, organize and assemble the public-private partnership between intelligence data networks and supported social media companies, have written a letter to congress warning that any effort to break up Big Tech (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Microsoft, etc.) would be catastrophic for the national security system they have created.

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What search engine do you currently use anon? And why?

I want to get into home mining. Are S9's still good for this purpose?

lol @Bitstamp is out of sats on @zebedeeio Infuse

What are some cool future Bitcoin related hackdays/conferences to go to?

Bitcoin Conf Main stage is talking about the efficiencies in Aave and other shitcoins. Get these institutional panels the fuck out of this conference.

Ooof 4,227,900 sats for a new Macbook Pro

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I've been running Umbrel for well over a year now and as much as I love it I want to test out other options as well. What should I run?

I've wanted to run @RaspiBlitz for a while as I've seen a lot of people on Twitter and Mastodon recommend it. @runcitadel also seems like a good replacement for Umbrel. Any others I should look into?

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