Today has been insane price action wise, bull markets are fun!

Do we know how many sats are locked up in the Lightning Network? Would be cool with some sats stats

Has anyone had a problem with accessing their node over SSH? I can't SSH into my RPI4 anymore using the Umbrel default SSH pw

If anyone wants to open more channels on their LN node please reply and I'll DM you my LN address!

I want to test the Juggernaut application, anyone interested in setting up a chat over the lightning network with me?

bought BTC for 1,5 billion USD and will start to accept BTC as payment in near future!

Would love to hear more about space requirements for a bigger Mastodon community/server. Do you have any insights on this for the Bitcoinhackers instance @stephanlivera @lukedashjr @Mandrik @verretor @TallTim @zlok ? Or maybe other instances you host/mod?

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Happy #DataPrivacyDay 🔐 !

Today is the day to take back your privacy online with Tor Browser. Unlike every other browser on the market, Tor Browser doesn't follow you, doesn't track you, and makes sure that the sites you visit and your ISP can't either.

lolled hard while going through code. They've named a file Karen which exists to watch for signals and execute triggers

holy fuck shit got real with Robinhood and other exchanges halting GME buying. The next couple of weeks are going to be fun

Estonia now hosts the Bitcoin whitepaper, CSW getting fucked out here.

Another data breach! Ledger was a part of leak in September 2020.

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