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Today is the first Global Encryption Day!

🔒 Encryption makes life safer. Without it, our banking details, personal conversations, medical history, and everything in between is on display.

Now is the time to #MakeTheSwitch to encrypted services (like Tor!)


I like Hackernews but unsubscribing from the HN bot made my Mastodon experience much better.

Today we discussed PR#17631 in the Bitcoin Core PR Review Club. I'm a bit new to several things/concepts discussed on IRC so it was mostly lurking for me this time. Nonetheless, I have learned a lot and have some material to read through after this session.

Lmao, I go out for some chinese food and you guys just teleport to the moon

How important is it to do a stonewall spend when sending UTXOs from Samourai Wallet (after mixing in Whirlpool)?

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Update: "After investigating your appeal, we have determined that your account posted content that was threatening and/or promoting violence in violation of the Twitter Terms of Service. Accordingly, your account has been suspended and will not be restored."

No link to appeal further.

What kind of multi sig setup do you guys do?

stacker.news is a really cool site and concept. Looking forward to all the innovation over the next 10 years.

Who tf sets the fee to 1000 sat/vB for their transactions?

I bought more corn so expect the USD price to plummet short term

Personally I don't really care for the ETFs. It's just a bunch of rich people buying another asset for their portfolio. They don't care about the ethos of Bitcoin or the freedoms it creates. There is no self custody. Nonetheless, Bitcoin is for anyone so it is what it is.

I've used Wasabi until now which worked fine but I think I will use Whirlpool from now on. The continuous mixing on Whirlpool is a really awesome feature!

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I'm a bit embarrassed to say it but I tried Samourai Whirlpool for the first time yesterday and I am pretty impressed. It was a pretty effortless setup on my
@getumbrel node

Where would one go to buy mining hardware in the EU?

Arjen was last seen in northern Norway on a holiday trip but was some days later reported missing. His cellphone had pinged a cell tower in southern Norway a couple of days before he was reported missing but has left no traces after that.

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U.S. spy agencies developed good intelligence on WikiLeaks associates’ “patterns of life,” particularly their travels within Europe, said a former national security official.
Where is ?

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