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There is no sour grape that won’t come out of the woodwork to shit on bitcoin when the price dips

They will crop the chart to show just recent ATH to bottom

They will choose to ignore 200% YoY for over 10Yrs

They won’t take the opportunity to buy the dip

They will again HFSP

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To help starting out with ⚡️ nodes added three different categories:
* Merchant
* Spending
* Routing
and the related basic principles to:

If finding it useful now can send some sats to this static lnurl-pay QR code at lntxbot.bigsun.xyz/@openoms

Would be interesting to gather a wholesome picture of how much did Silicon Valley help grow innovation/technology/progress or to what extent it handicapped it via patents, hostile takeovers, financing shitty projects ... Any thoughts on this topic?

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we've created a Matrix room #matrix-lightning:x0f.org for discussion of Matrix-LN integration

let's do in-chat payments the right way 😀

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This is one for the nerds and @Tesla fans. Andy Schroder built a real time machine-to-machine charger for electric cars, that are paying over the lightning network. youtu.be/ynZYQiJx3no

Ethtards are more annoying than meteorologists.

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Bitcoin hackers, what is your favorite laptop brand/model?

What other exciting developments in Bitcoinspace am I missing?

Taproot (and Schnorr), Lightning, Liquid, DLC, RGB - anything else?

Buying Bitcoin is easy. Most difficult part is finding the right communities. If you don't you most likely end up selling it for shitcoins or at a loss in the bear cycle.

Bitcoin is beautiful because it has no shills. No empty promises, no hopium.

People that don't follow discussions and developments in Bitcoin communities still think Lightning hasn't progressed, they have no clue what Liquid is and have definitely never heard of RGB.

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So @kristapsk and i just did presumably the first joinmarket coinjoin on signet:


(the ease of use of this testnet cf testnet3 will doubtless be very helpful to us and other projects ... even setting aside the new taproot stuff, which will obviously be important in the future).

#Joinmarket #bitcoin

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Bitcoin hodlers have another instance to join here.


Boost / repost this to reach more potential users and keep the fediverse distributed.

This instance is Pleroma with Soapbox. The web UI is pleasant and has a great one on one messenger that you won’t find on Mastodon. You can also use apps compatible with Mastodon and Pleroma.

Onion service available: 4jqv7gntqtwjqijamez7ikrioy7sezgeghr4idjtvhnwvn4ehdxryxad.onion

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 reminder: activation can't really begin until N months after software is released with the activation parameters. That N months needs to be enough time to be sure enough of the community has upgraded to it.

The quicker the community upgrades to 0.21 (or the upcoming 0.20.2 backport), the clearer it will be that a shorter timeframe can be used for activation!

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RT @hodlhodl
@adam3us @MrHodl @raypaxful @Me @notgrubles Actually L-USDT is one of the top stablecoins used for lending on lend.hodlhodl.com 🚀

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activation meeting on

Tuesday 2nd February 19:00 UTC

- BIP review (2 PRs)
- Code review (1 PR)
- Discussion of activation params & making a formal proposal (if we have time)


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